Unique DeAngels

Our team actively participated in NFT space, and after watching 100s of launches, we know how to create a perfect NFT project. We have a clear roadmap and dedicated team to do that.


Plan all concepts that the project would not be just about the pictures, but is the best possible way to create value and generate income long term.


Decide what artwork would look best and complete it before launch.


Find developers who can fulfill our complicated plan ahead.


Prepare promotional videos, website, twitter and discord.


Start community outreach campaign.


1st phase of marketing buy banners and other ad space, find promotional partnerships.


Ongoing 5% Secondary market sales royalties distributed to DeAngels holders air drops and lottery with
significant prizes. Holders will vote for what they want. This should keep the value until we complete our final


NFTs which will not be Minted will not be used for giveaways because it only drives the price down in the secondary market. Unminted DeAngels will be available to mint again for 1 Ethereum only after NFT game will be
launched, with profit share with DeAngels holders.


DeAngels sale is used to fund promotion and further development.


Big ongoing promotion campaign for DeAngels all platforms, NFT websites, Twitter, Youtube and TikTok


Promotion and launch of second NFT project which is a big part of our plan DeAngels holders will have a
pleasant surprise.


Introduce breeding


Reveal of the unique game people will be making money with minimal effort. Participants will need to have a
ticket, which is made only through breeding.


Final marketing phase promotion of NFT game, to create demand for tickets.



Where can I buy DeAngels?

You will only be able to mint them through our mint page which will be released on our Discord Channel. After the mint process is finished, we’ll be listing on OpenSea

What is the total supply of DeAngels?

Total 8’888

What is the price of DeAngels?

0.15 ETH, but it can change because of ETH price fluctuation

When is the mint date?

2022 11th March, 1PM (UTC)

Are you interested in promotion service?

Yes, we’re open to all suggestions, contact us through Twitter or Discord

Will you be releasing second NFT after DeAngels? Why?

Yes, both of them will be highly related and we consider it as 1 project. When we did all the calculations, it’s obvious that to fully complete our roadmap, we will need a lot of money, crypto marketing and development have 5-10x higher prices than usual projects.

Will I have any benefits if I hold DeAngels during second NFT launch?

It will be worth every single penny and more! And we don’t even count royalties which you’ll receive in the meantime.

What is your final goal? What is the motivation behind it?

Our main goal is to complete final step in the roadmap and launch our unique game. We strongly believe that we can achieve that with enough money raised. We found a solution how it can be easy to earn money through a simple game and give big income for NFT holders. Game itself will have a developers fee, that’s why mint sale is not our final goal like for some other projects developers.


Now, wer taking our first steps, so come join our journey and witness the history of how the next level NFTs should be made.

DeAngels you don't want to miss it.